Thursday, March 28, 2013

How I Met Judy, My Wife

In my sophomore year at college, I was visiting with a lady who worked in the Admin Bldg. She asked me, "Don't you ever date?" I replied, "Nope. Study is the big thing for me right now." She asked, "Are you going to ever get married?" I replied flippantly, "Sure! I'll meet her in my Junior year and marry her in my Senior year."

At the beginning of my Junior year, I said to my roommate, "Let's go over to one of the girls' dorms and watch the new crop come in." So we went to one of the dorms, sat down in the lobby, and began to watch. With every new girl who came in, I would teasingly say, "What's your name and where are you from (poor English)?" She would answer, and I would say, "I'll put you on the list and let you know in about 2 weeks."

This went on for quite a while. Then a girl with the most beautiful brown cow eyes came in. Wow! Those eyes you could swim in. I made my spiel, she answered shyly, "I'm Judy Vernon and I'm from Lebanon, MO.", and I threw the list away. I fell in love with her instantly and knew that I was going to marry her, which I did in my Senior year.

One humorous side note to the story. Judy and her family were returning from a vacation in Big Bend, TX. Her family dropped her off at the dorm on their way home to Lebanon, MO., intending to drop the luggage off and come back to see her into her dorm. The last thing her dad said to her was, "Judy, remember you're here to study, not meet boys." She walked through the dorm door, and I was the first person she met.

I have loved her for almost 43 years (March 28), and I have never looked at another person, nor ever wondered about my decision. Other that trusting in Jesus, it is the only decision I ever made that I am totally sure about.

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Judy said...

What a wonderful life to be married to you! i love you!