Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is just around the corner!

Well, as much as I enjoyed winter and all the snows, I am now ready for spring. Just a few warm days in succession can do that. We have had jonquils blooming since February (the only ones in our neighborhood). And yesterday, a friend brought me some red canna bulbs for planting. We have had yellow ones for many years, but I always thought it would look so nice to have red ones interspersed with the yellow. So Saturday, I will be planting cannas.

Judy has been cleaning up her gardens/flower beds for spring. And they look so nice and clean. It just does a body good to get out and do some spring maintenance. Our grass is greening, the fruit trees will soon explode with blossoms, the rose bushes are pushing out new leaves, the dogwoods are showing the beginnings of flower buds. It is just glorious all around.

Thank you, God, for spring!

A good time was had by all!

Last Thursday I had the joy of taking my young friend Cody to ORU for participation in the Whole Life Scholarship contest. He spent the day in interviews and tests, and then visiting classes. I spent the day visiting old friends. It was a good day, everyone was in their office and had time for me.

I even ran into some people whom I thought I would not get to see. Happenstance is a glorious gift of God. So, I spent the whole day going all over the campus, and up and down myriad sets of stairs. It was good to see friends, AND to see the nice changes all around the campus. Buildings look so good, the Prayer Gardens are exquisite, and the refurbishing of the creek that runs through the property is coming along nicely.

The University also provided a sumptuous continental breakfast, and a lunch in the style of Olive Garden, for the contestants and those that brought them. I was so proud to show the campus and people off to Cody. And he reached max overload of good things by the time we needed to turn toward home.