Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today is a good, as is everyday in my life. We are with Kari and her family. Today we visited a church (they are looking for a place of worship). Anyway, the place we chose today is an AG church nearby. We got there a little late because of conflicting info on the internet site, but the pastor's message was soooo for Judy and me. He was reading our mail. It was so encouraging and even directional for us. We made the right decision to come to St. Louis for some much needed R&R! And this visit this morning at Praise Fellowship was just more confirmation. Of course, being with Jim, Kari, Olivia and Ava is just so much fun.

We are going to the Zoo this week, and other neat places like that. It is so much fun to 'play' with the girls.

Congrats to Jeff and Stephanie on their new Suburban (new to them anyway). It will be so nice to have a car that is big enough for everyone!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Today was very busy and interesting. Judy and I packed up my office (28+ boxes of books, etc.). We had help from Tom and his pickup and Debbie. We had fun packing, eating lunch together, and then moving everything to our garage.

Tonight my desk is set up in the middle front bedroom. It has plenty of room for an office along with a queen size bed, sewing machine cabinet, chest-of-drawers, and some shelves. In fact I could put a few more pieces of furniture in here, if need be.

Tomorrow we leave for a trip to Missouri for how long we don't know just now. God is giving us some R&R time before our next great assignment. We are in love with Jesus, he is so good to us.

Next time you hear from me may be in St. Louis. Blessings.