Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas at the Gilmores

Our Christmas lights (inside and outside) are all up at the Gilmore house this year. I wish I could tell you they were all working. Ugh! This year, I purchased a little gizmo that helps to fix lights that aren’t working. It is quite miraculous in its simplicity, but works about 90% of the time. Better than without it, though! Anyway, I have a third of a strand of icicle lights not working, one out of four pillars wrapped in lighted garland not working, a couple of strands on our pre-lit Christmas tree not working, and one topiary covered with lights not working. After trying very hard to fix them, I confess I have lost the burden. (No Christmas pictures this year of the outside of our house - I could sneak one in from last year, if you insist.)

I am so glad that the wise men of yore did not have that problem when following the Star. Imagine their bewilderment in trying to find the Christ child. And what of the heavenly choir of angels, if some lost their glow, and the shepherds didn’t take them seriously.

I am thankful that the Savior of the world, the Light of the world, doesn’t have the problems I have had with my Christmas lights. His light is sure, steady, and dependable through all the ages that have come and are yet to come. The deeper the darkness, the brighter His light shines. And more importantly, His light shines brightly in me, and I hope, through me to others. Let your light so shine…

Every time I see those lights that aren’t working, I am reminded of the Light of Christ that is. I am so thankful for His light – and the reminder through my lights. In the lyrics of Michael W. Smith: Light of the world, You stepped down into darkness, Opened my eyes let me see…

So…Here I am to worship!