Monday, August 04, 2008

Grandchildren are wonderful!

We have 4 lovely grandchildren to play with, and one to love at a far, far distance. Here is a cute story about one of them, Olivia, who is 4 years old. Kari's blog.

And one about Ava:
This morning I got a call from Kari. She announced they had had an accident. While helping her mother unload the dishwasher (a task she dearly loves), Ava accidentally put too much weight on the top tray, and it broke. Kari asked how to go about getting parts to fix it. I started to tell her what I would do, then realized that she didn't have time to do all that running and fixing when her girls needed her. So I said, "Jim makes good money, call a repairman." She did.

She put Ava on the phone to say hello. She is always so bright and happy when she says, "Hi, Papa!" Today, she sounded quiet and demure. "Hi, Papa!" "Hi, Ava. Did you have an accident." "Un-huh. I broke the dishwasher." (and she broke my heart) Kari said Ava knew she was in trouble. So I encouraged her not to punish Ava when she was so happy to help, but teach her not to put all her weight on the dishwasher.

I am sure I will soon have a cute story about Caitlyn to share with you. Brent...well he is till crawling and saying nothing - the silent type.


Kari said...

Brent seems to have a lot to say but its even harder to understand than Ava!

Sara said...

Dads always know how to fix the problem! Call a repairman, and go easy on the girl!